A Personal Touch Writing Service


We provide a personal touch writing & editing service for all your business and/or special occasion needs.

You tell us why and how itís important and weíll take care of it for you.


Your Choice

We will edit and fix work you have drafted, or,

We will write from scratch, guided by notes from discussions with you.


Your Choice

A reliable source to look to for professional assistance in understanding your concerns, the actions you wish to take and the results you want to achieve.



Your Choice

bulletThe brilliant thoughts are all there in your head, but getting them properly expressed on paper is a challenge.
bulletThatís OK. When we are finished, you will be as brilliant on paper as you were in your mind.

We will "read " your mind and then:

bulletWrite from scratch, or
bulletEdit your rough drafts (no matter how rough) so that those brilliant thoughts come through clearly








Your Choice

If you arenít completely satisfied that your document has come to life just as you hoped and envisioned, then our job is not done & itís back to the drawing board until we get it right!

From prose to poetry, from business plans to personal plans, we will write what you have in mind, in a way that will:


Delight you as the sender


Be right on target for your intended receiver.


Your Choice


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